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Tips To Save Money On Caring For Your Lawn And Garden

Tips To Save Money On Caring For Your Lawn And Garden
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Today I am going to look at some tips to save money on caring for your lawn and garden. A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Saving Money In The Kitchen and thought I would continue the saving money around the house theme. Without further delay here are some tips to save money on caring for your lawn and garden.

Water In The Early Morning And Late Evening

When watering a large percentage of the water applied is lost to evaporation. Avoid this loss by watering in the early morning and late evenings. If there is a risk of moisture-related disease such as mold and mildew watering in the morning is the better option to allow the foliage to dry during the day.

Avoid Over-Watering Your Lawn

Many gardeners overwater their lawns. A good test is to walk over your lawn and see how long it takes for the footprints to disappear. If your footprints disappear quickly the lawn does not need watering. If it takes a while it is an indication that the lawn is going limp and could do with some water. Plant a lawn variety that requires little watering while paying attention to other factors such as the amount of sunshine, traffic, frost risk and spread.

Tips To Save Money On Caring for Your Lawn and Garden

Make Your Own Compost

Putting your kitchen scraps into a compost tumbler, bin or in a pile will give you free nutrient-rich compost to use in your garden.

Mulching Garden Beds To Reduce Moisture Loss

Putting mulch around your garden beds will reduce moisture loss and save you on watering costs. Mulch will also break down and provide nutrients to your plants. It has the added advantage of reducing the number of pesky weeds.

Reduce The Size Of Your Lawn And Garden

Sounds like common sense but reducing the size of your garden and lawn area will reduce the expense and time required to maintain it.

"Gardening requires lots of water - most of it in the form of perspiration." - Lou Erickson

Mow Height Of Your Lawn

Mowing your lawn on a higher setting will reduce moisture loss or drying out on a hot day. Adjust the mowing height based on the climate and season. Make sure your mower blades are sharp, it will provide a cleaner cut will keep your lawn healthier.

Plant Perennials Instead Of Annuals

Annuals like their name suggests are plants that only last one season and have to be replaced. It is cheaper to plant perennials that will last many years.

Trade Plants With Friends And Family

A lot of plants will spread and put up suckers. Consider breaking up these plants to put elsewhere in your garden. Trading plants with friends and neighbors is a good alternative to buying additional plants.

Tips To Save Money On Your Lawn And Garden

Purchase Smaller Plants And Seeds

It costs nurseries money to look after and repot plants. Each year nurseries will repot plants into a bigger pot and increase the price to cover the costs. If you are happy to wait, planting seeds or seedlings instead of established plants will save you a considerable amount of money. This is especially true when it comes to garden vegetables as a single seeding will cost around the same as a packet of 20 or more seeds. It is not too difficult to gather seeds or cuttings from native plants as a free alternative to purchasing plants.

Planting native plants and trees

Native plants and trees are used to the natural climate in your area and require very little additional watering and care. You could also plant drought-tolerant plants that will grow in your region. Most garden centers will have a section dedicated to drought-tolerant plants.

Plant Shade Tree’s Around Your House

Providing shade to your house will reduce your cooling costs in summer. Deciduous trees (trees that lose their leaves in winter) will allow sunshine to enter your house in winter to assist with heating.

Purchase Soil And Compost from Landscape Suppliers

It is significantly cheaper to purchase soil and compost from landscape suppliers in bulk than getting the equivalent from hardware or gardening stores.


I hope this list of tips to save money on caring for your lawn and garden helps you reduce expenses. If you are looking for some other way to save money check out this comprehensive article –76 easy things you can do right now. If you have any good tips that I have missed please comment below or send me an email.

“Gardening requires lots of water – most of it in the form of perspiration.”
–  Lou Erickson

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