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Easy Ways To Save Some Money In The Kitchen

Easy Ways To Save Some Money In The Kitchen
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Food can get very expensive and take up a considerable chunk of your budget. Today I have decided to put together a list of some easy ways to save some money in the kitchen.

  • Replace Soft Drinks, Coffee and Tea with good ole Water. Its much cheaper and better for you. Get a water filtration unit or filtered jug if you cant stand the taste of tap water.
  • Create a meal plan ahead of time and choose meals that share the same ingredients to make it easier. Take a look at recipe sites such as taste.com.au to put together some meals. Keep a list on the fridge of items that you need on the next shop. I like to use a magnetic white board on the fridge. This helps to limit the number of trips to the shop to once per week.
  • Cook large batches of food once per week. It is often not much more effort to double or triple a recipe when you cook a meal. It saves both time and money! Put a few meals in the fridge for the next couple days and freeze the rest for later in the week. Take leftovers to work instead of buying your lunch.

  • Make your own snacks. I am a sucker for eating snacks while watching a movie or favourite tv series. It is far cheaper and likely healthier to make your own snacks. Cook a batch of biscuits, cupcakes or brownies to snack on instead of purchasing the packaged equivalent.
  • Consider generic/home brands. Yes in some cases the generic brand tastes like watered down cardboard and should be avoided. In other cases it makes sense to use generic. Generic tin tomatoes in a bolognese sauce will make little difference to the taste and save you money.
  • When shopping pay special attention to items above and below your eye level. Supermarkets intentionally place more expensive items with larger profit margins at eye level and in high traffic areas.

  • Buy fruit and vegetables from local markets. Often times it is not only cheaper but also fresher and better quality than the food chains. Being fresher it will last a lot longer and less likely to be thrown in the bin. Stick to fruit and vegetables that are in season as they are significantly cheaper.
  • Grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs. Although it does take some time, effort and knowledge growing your own produce can save you money and it tastes better.
  • Make bulk purchases when items are on sale and buy refills when it makes sense. Do this for items that have long shelf life and therefor will not be thrown out. Avoid buying in bulk for items such as chocolate if it will cause excessive consumption

  • Take advantage of your freezer. You can extend the used by date of many items by placing them in the freezer. If your not going to use that whole loaf of bread put half in the freezer and defrost it when you need it.

Let me know if you know of any other easy ways to save some money in the kitchen. Comment below or flick me an email here.

The dinner I was cooking for my family was going to be a surprise but the fire trucks ruined it.

Comments (4)

  • Great tips! I’m hoping to try and start growing some herbs (black thumb, we’ll see what happens).

    I’d also add:

    When looking for recipes, search for some with simple ingredients. I Google “4 ingredients” or “5 ingredients”. You can cook very tasty meals with few ingredients.

    Have a simple go-to meal in mind for emergencies. Toasted sandwiches with baked beans and frozen cheese, or tinned soup. Cheap and nutritionally fine for a one-off.

    Eat one or two vegetarian meals a week. Saves a lot of money on meat.

    • Author

      Thanks for the additions.

      There is nothing wrong with a tin of baked beans every now and then!

      Your reminded me that I also buy half a cow or sheep in bulk and freeze as it generally works out to about half the normal price.

      Cow sounds too real…Steak sounds better.

  • Haha my fave tip from this list is ‘Avoid buying in bulk for items such as chocolate if it will cause excessive consumption’ – this absolutely works and has saved me so much money. I used to always stock up on ‘snacks’ to have on hand when entertaining guests and either I ate them and had to buy more, or they would go out of date because people always bring stuff with them when they come over anyway


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